Welcome to my adventure blog ozventurer.com, my name is Jonathan Rudolph, I’m a 28 year old who loves to spend my time exploring the great outdoors. And my mission to inspire as many people as I can to venture into the great unknown and find that connection we yearn for, a connection with ourselves.

I remember watching Marty Stouffer’s Wild America as a kid and it sparked my interest in exploring the great outdoors making me adventure-born. I was in my element climbing trees and playing with rocks, but alas I got older, life happened and as a designer I was confined to a finite space staring into the abyss of a computer screen.

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Even though I loved crafting logos and building brands, the daily routine of sitting for long hours took a toll on my back and my soul, the pressures of society had slowly dwindled my adventurous spirit into a dim light. Something had to be done, and so I made it a point to connect with nature at least once a week, from hiking to hunting for cool rock pools, I started to exercise my inner spirit. And eventually I decided to document my weekly outdoor excursions with my trusty Alpha 6000.

After reigniting my passion for the outdoors, the location pins on my Google maps began to grow exponentially, as I plotted my weekly adventures. Sharing my adventures online led to many of my friends and family asking me where I’d gone and how to get there, it seemed that it had triggered a sense of adventure in them too. Exploring Australia I found it bewildering how much there is to see here and yet many people have visited more countries than they have the states of Australia. The Land Downunder has more than 10,000 beaches which would take a whopping 28 years to complete if you visited one per day.



And so I created ozventurer.com, an adventure blog to inspire people to step outside and venture into the great outdoors, be it even a walk in a beautiful garden or a 4 hour hike in a forest. The graceful beauty of mother nature makes us feel good, lifts our spirits and leaves us yearning for more, it’s these moments spent outside that collectively make us feel human, we are all adventure-born, but some of us let modern life imprison that gift.

Make that change, one of the best ways to sustain a positive life is to move. Make the once-a-week excursions. So keep watch on my adventure blog as I bring to you some of the best places to visit with great photography, directions, tips and maybe even a 360° view. Somewhere in all of us is a primary need to connect with nature, keep it alive, step outside!

Jonathan Rudolph

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