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The Pillars at Mount Martha

Hidden along the Esplanade at Mount Martha is a piece of Southern France known as The Pillars, the sandstone rocks present a perfect setting to soak up the summer sun and if you’re a thrill seeker maybe lunge into the waveless water below.

It’s located between Deakin Drive and Marguerita Avenue, and it’s famous for cliff diving. Jumping off the cliffs into the cool water is a summer activity that you need to add to your list, muster up the courage and take the plunge, you won’t regret it!

If snorkelling is your forte, there are heaps of rock pools you can venture into, they are teeming with ocean wildlife. When visiting this secret location I urge you to preserve its beauty, most of the rocks already harbour broken glass and plastic bottles, take care of this gift from nature.

HOW TO GET THERE: Drive along the coast on Esplanade, and it’s located between Deakin Drive and Marguerita Avenue. Find designated parking near The Pillars as most area are ‘NO STANDING’ spots.

You think adventure is dangerous? Try routine, it’s lethal!

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